Dr Thor is an amazing skilled trustworthy honest experienced and at the same time very conservative dentist when it comes to caring for your teeth. He cares, preserves, and maintains one’s teeth as much possible and he is always right. He is so right that even if you think something may be going on with your teeth after he tells you your teeth are okay they stop hurting every time. I feel blessed to have him as my dentist. He and his wife are amazing human beings and very pleasant to know. They are like family to their patients. Truly remarkable dentist and if you need referral he would only refer you to the best.

Seyhoon Samandari

I have been going to Dr Donald Thor for 22 yrs. He is the Very Best skilled, well mannered Dentist. He puts you at ease, if you are the nervous type when going to the dentist (like I was). The friendly staff are welcoming. I actually feel like I'm visiting family! I moved from North County, to South County, 4 yrs ago. The drive is well Dr. Thor's exceptional expertise. Highly recommend !

Elizabeth Banks

Dr. Thor is the best dentist I’ve ever had
I’m 40 now... had my treatment when I was 19
And have never had a dentist do better work..

William Royston

I have been going to Dr. Thor for over 30 years plus. He is the most caring man I have ever met. His professionalism is beyond believing. His care and thought fullness for his patients is unbelievable. There is no other dentist that can compare to this fine man. I am blessed every time I go see him. His Staff is also Wonderful. His wife Linda is the Best. I could go on and on about this Wonderful Man. All I can say is THANKS Doc.

Thomas Smith